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Which Discontinued Distro do You Miss The Most?

In mid 2010 I've met Mandriva 2010.2...

Used both the "One" flavor which was 32-bit only... And the "Free" flavor which had full AMD64 compatibility...

I liked how it had this highly customized Plasma 4 desktop, with its own theme (remember the metallic blue / purple window borders?)

Then I saw the first glimpses of Mandriva 2011, with its desktop theme made by ROSA... Man that was good looking...

Also had its own startup and shutdown sounds... Which I remember to this day...

I was rather sad when I learned the distro was on its last legs... And was indeed discontinued a few months later.

Heard they even released a alpha or beta for Mandriva 2012... Which you can still download today...

Sorry, but for me, Mageia is not even close to what Mandriva was... That is just my personal opinion.

What about you guys? Which dead distro do you miss?

Post a reply.

Sidux was based on Deb unstable, with nice GUI choices and not too much stuff thrown in.

...and now that I look it up, it didn't actually disappear, it became aptosid! I'll have to check it out next time I'm shopping around.


I really liked CentOS, I used it a few years ago on a free computer I got (with only 2 GB of Ram... in 2017...) and I really had a lot of fun. Good old days

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