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Ultra App Kit 1.1 Adds Linux Support

Hi, my GUI toolkit "Ultra App Kit" is now released with added support for Linux and Mac:

Rather than using a slow HTML middle layer like many systems do, Ultra App Kit is built directly on X11/XRender (and Quartz / GDI+ on Windows / Mac, respectively) so it's snappy, responsive, and requires no additional dependencies on almost any distro. (Wayland support is planned later on, but I feel that Wayland is not quite ready for prime time yet.)

DPI scaling is baked into the design to support HD, 4K, 8K, and any other screen resolution.

I will be using this system to build cross-platform game development tools. If a fast resolution-independent cross-platform GUI toolkit is appealing to you, then you can use it too.

Post a reply.

Please ignore the other poster here who responded to you rudely.

But behind that prickley comment there is perhaps a question worth being asked, and an opportunity for you to sell your product via an answer:

Electron is not your only competition. Qt provides a strong contender, with Flutter gathering popularity by the day. And they're both open source. What features or traits of your offering justify the downsides of:

1) Having to pay for it.

or actually what I think is the bigger issue:

2) Basing their app on technology they can't control or modify, and therefore do not have the ability to maintain should it be abandoned? Essentially, anyone choosing your product is tying the long term viability of their app to your ability to keep a small company afloat and continue development.

I mean these as constructive questions, to be clear. But I think they also illustrate why open source frameworks are so vastly popular, and a major hurdle that your product has to overcome.


Where can I find a hello world with appkit? It would be nice showing it in the landing page :)

I'm curious about how appkit uses smart pointers. Is it like Qt's framework-managed lifetime?


Does it support complex text layout or Wayland yet?


Proprietary crap. Thanks but No Thanks

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