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How valuable is learning/knowing linux in IT field?

I saw a video of a guy saying: "You need to learn linux, knowing linux is extremely valuable in the IT field, if you put on your resume then you'll be the stud in the IT field." I imagine a lot of that is just wishful thinking, but how valuable is learning linux in the IT field?

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I'm service manager for an enterprise desktop environment. All our machines run Windows and we don't support anything else.

Why do I use Linux at home? Many reasons from setting up my own servers for fun to getting a break from work, but more so because it forces me to always be learning and be curious. Curiosty and continued learning are, in my opinion, essential to being successful in IT.

Depending on the job role Linux may be required, but just learning Linux will help you regardless.

In regards to seeing it on a resume or credentialed, it would tell me the candidate is willing to try new things. Which is always good.


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Been using Linux since 99 before that I was a script kiddie lol


It got me out of helpdesk. My income has more than doubled in the last 4 years. Helpdesk -> sysadmin -> support engineer for a DevOps company.



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