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Does anybody still use 32-bit computers

I used to use a samsung computer with 32-bit intel pentium. I wanted to run some 64-bit applications so I decided to watch some youtube videos which said to run some random commands in cmd (I was using windows 10 at the time, I realise now how stupid that was). I borked my computer and installed a 64-bit intel pentium and then started my Linux journey. Does anybody still use 32-bit computers for Linux?

PS - sorry for my post being so long-winded, but It wouldn't let me post because it was too short

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Until last year, my daily driver was a Thinkpad T60 with a core duo t2300. I still play around with it sometimes.


Embedded. Lots of ARMv7s out there, or even ARMv8s in 32-bit mode (Raspberry Pi’s mostly).

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