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How Taiwan is trying to defend against a cyber 'World War III'
How Taiwan is trying to defend against a cyber 'World War III'
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If governments really took cyber security seriously nobody would be allowed to use proprietary software. Microsoft Windows is by far the greatest vector of computer security threats on this planet.

In Taiwan it is a fact that several open source systems have been custom built for the government in an effort to convince them that it is time to move to a more secure computing environment for government purposes. In every case, the efforts have been squashed by financially attractive pleas from the abusive closed source vendors promising licensing deals if they would not switch.

If the government is so easily bought off by proprietary software vendors that also have investments in local business interests then it is hard to believe that Taiwan is taking the concept of cyber security seriously in any sense. Ironically, this is the exact same situation on the other side of the Strait which makes this article's premise seem quite fictional indeed.

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