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TIL in the rushed rampup to train military pilots during World War II from a thousand graduates in 1939 to hundreds of thousands by 1945, over 15,000 Americans died in nearly 30,000 crashes in stateside training alone
Sobering Stats: 15,000 U.S. Airmen Killed in Training in WW II
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Terrain, terrain! PULL UP!


Historically more service members have died in training than in combat. Overall.

Edit: I should have said “non combat” deaths outnumber combat deaths. This includes training accidents, suicide, homicide and conditions caused by dangerous exposures.


Cost of doing business


The US response to the war was all or nothing. If it wasn't directly, tangibly supporting the war effort, then it didn't matter. If this involved the sacrifice of lives, then that was just the cost of admission. Looking at our response to the pandemic, versus how we responded to the Axis, is quite an astonishing contrast.


My Great Uncle died in a B-17 crash in Louisiana during the war. On a training mission two 17s collided due to poor formation keeping, 20 men killed. I never knew much about it until I filed a FOIA request and was sent the crash report. Rest in Peace men.

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