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TIL that Brenda Lee (best known for her hit "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree") had 47 US chart hits during the 1960s, the most by a woman and surpassed only by Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Ray Charles.
Brenda Lee - Wikipedia
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The radio's playing some forgotten song

Brenda Lee's "Coming On Strong"

The road has got me hypnotized

And I'm speeding into a new sunrise


Surpassed by George Strait who holds the all time record of 60 number one hits.


I saw her perform at a county fair about 35 years ago. The woman could sing!


Another little known fact:

I’ve been married for 17 years. Every year at Christmas, whenever we hear that song (and it’s multiple times per season), my wife says that Wayne Newton sang it. And every year I go on Wikipedia to show her that he did not in fact sing that song, and it was actually a female singer named Brenda Lee. And by the following Christmas, my wife has forgotten that fact, the fact that I looked it up, and the fact she has already brought it up. Guess I’m about 5 months away from the 19th time this will happen.


No offense to her or to her accomplishments, but I can't stand that song.

Maybe I've heard it too much, but it just grates on my nerves. For some reason the lyric "new old fashioned way" gives me a brain cramp.

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