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Republican donor Lazzaro denied release after court hearing on trafficking minors for sex and use in pornography: six victims noted in the indictment but authorities believe there could be more
GOP donor Lazzaro denied release after court hearing
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Oh hey, would you look at that: more powerful Republican pedophiles.


At his hearing in St. Paul, Lazzaro sat in an orange jail uniform at the defense table between his attorneys Zachary Newland and Jeremy Gordon of Texas. Twin Cities defense attorney Hillary Parsons sat behind them.

Lazzaro is facing 10 counts in all, including the sex trafficking of five minors and the attempted trafficking of a sixth.

Lazzaro, 30, offered one girl money and alcohol to stay silent and even floated a non-disparagement contract with another following a raid on his apartment.

Brugger said Lazzaro “was the sex buyer” and paid 19-year old Gisela Castro Medina to seek out girls through Snapchat and other social media apps. Castro Medina is also charged in the case; she’s being held in Florida and has yet to enter a plea.

Authorities said Lazzaro had a dedicated page on the adult site “Pornhub” that referenced teens and an account on at least one other adult platform.

one of the obstruction charges Lazzaro is facing came after he tried to pay one girl and her father $1,000 in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement saying the sex was consensual.

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