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How To Buy Monero? And Where To Store?

I'm just curious (as many others are) and your guy's full processing on purchasing Monero to where you store it. I know there are many methods like buying BTC from and exchange then transferring it to u/Cakewallet then to GUI wallet ect ect. If you guys wish to put down your full process and explain a little bit why you chose that path (wether it be anonymity/simplicity/ect) and maybe have question on how to improve it aswell.

Thanks In Advance:

My Method:I'm currently buying BCH on Coinbase then creating a transferring it to XMR on my cake wallet. From my cake wallet I'm sending the XMR to my desktop GUI Wallet.

- I'm doing this as its super simple to buy BTC or BCH (lower fees) on an exchange like Coinbase. Only thing I think I could improve is to figure out a relative cheap way to buy BTC anonymously or XMR directly. (Also you have to wait 6 days after buying crypto on Coinbase to transfer them to a different wallet which can really suck)

- Cake Wallet to me is the best out right now as you can easily change other cryptos to XMR then transfer to your main wallet.

**I definertly need to find something cheaper as I just transferred $100 from BTC to XMR and after all fees only $85 went into my account.

Post a reply.

Dont keep it coin binance. They rob you

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