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Monero is the true Bitcoin

Can you feel this sentence ? Does it flow in your mind like it does for me ? I fell in love with Bitcoin 4 years ago, this is like magic. Imagine a world without any third party in the game, imagine sending money to someone without asking anything else than just a simple adress and being the total master of it. I fell in love with Bitcoin, but today as much as I had this feeling with BTC, I feel that the right choice is Monero. You obviously heard this already, but it should be a mentra, it should become a common sentence for most people. Yes, Bitcoin is the symbol that bring us to this point but Monero is the real key that teach us about freedom, the key that bring us to discover a new reality. I just wanted to make a post in honor of Monero, because more I read about this community and more I want to be in. There is so much cryptocurrencies that might make me rich, way more easily than Monero would perform and still I want to have more Monero more than anything else. This is only a recent picture that I've got there. But that's a clear one. As much clear as I saw Bitcoin becoming something huge, I see monero being the proper Bitcoin. Bitcoin has his name and his legendary, but Monero has a greater future, a greater utility. This is only my opinion. I've got no more to argue atm, so this thread is just only to show love toward the Monero team, Monero community and the project itself. I love you people, to me, you represent the people with which I would like to build a new world, a free one, fullfill with minded souls.

(Sorry if there is mistakes, I still learn English)

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Right here with you. I had quite a diverse portfolio before learning more about monero. No my portfolio is much less diverse and much much much heavier on monero. Also started using the secret network, gonna stack up over there too


The main mistake of Monero is not being called Bitcoin dark or something like that


Where can one buy XMR in the states? Texas, specifically.

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