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What's the simplest way to accept monero at my restaurant?

I have been using monero for a while, but I'm pretty terrible with technology in some regards.

So I would like some tips on how people could (quickly) pay with monero and how I can have the cashier's go about accepting in without confusing them lol

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Post a reply.

By the way, I totally understand if you don't want to answer this, especially given that this subreddit is generally filled with privacy enthusiasts (you know, the whole point of Monero) but...

Are you willing to say where your restaurant is? I'd go if it's near me.


The guy who said you need to trust the employees is wrong.

Put a view-only copy of a wallet on the register computer (or mobile device if you don't have a PC as a register) and use the GUI wallet's built-in Merchant menu. It should be intuitive and quick for both the cashier and the buyer.

If you want more help with this, just respond to this post and I can explain more thoroughly.


Looks like other people have already given suggestions for the tech part, just want to remind you that the real tough part is the taxes.

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