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Monero disappeared

So i made a gui wallet account and then when i got my hardware wallet i made an address on that, i sent over 3.5$ worth of monero and it worked,

fast forward i send over some more monero to the hardwares wallets address and then i try to log in to the hardware wallets address and i forgot the password.

No worries, i should have the mnemonic seed on the ledger right? so i open the app and go to the show seed page, but it's just empty, nothing.

So then i find the python script from ledger to get the monero seed from your ledger seed and that worked, i log in to the wallet but that's when i realize the address i have there is completely different from the one I had before the password reset using seed phrase.

I login to my other previous account from which i sent more money and the transactions says failed and i got my money back.

I check the ledger and the ledger still displays the old monero address.

What did I do wrong? How can I get my monero back?

It's just 3.5$ but I'd still like it back.

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Post a reply.

Update, now the recent transaction says confirmed. total of like 7.5 dollars now


No idea on how to help you, but write down your mnemonic instead of relying on passwords and the ledger app. Your seed is the most important thing, don't skip it.

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