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Utupia in 2030, brought to you by the World Economic Forum and a member of the parlament of Denmark
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The faster the WEF goes away, the better. I don't think it's comparable that they are the most evil, sinister organization operating today. Actually rooting on Central Banks on this one (via Gold standard). Lucky for us, Schwab is old, and their network of elites think with 1 mind in an echo chamber and their record of calling the shots or enacting agendas (not calling for them) is poor. The faster people wake up (and take the red-pill, i know it's cringe-y to say), the less of a 'crisis' this will be, and the less footing they'll have. These finance ministers, billionaires, academic elites are parasites, who exploit useful idiots, neurotic individuals, ignoramous' and that 15-30% of the population that have been indoctrinated with a socialist mindset from public education/university.

But you're seeing nationalist movements pop up the last 6 or so years to oppose this one world government agenda, the cohesiveness in the West is weak & they're not going (either side of politics) to adopt orders out of Davos easily... you're seeing Russia lock up with Gold, dump treasuries, build nuclear plants, (& have you seen their fiscal health?) China won't like anyone else dictating orders, Plus if a stock market crash comes WEF's plans will be reset yet again, SE asia adopting capitalism will see lots of growth & let's say they do grow big and have lots of control... I wouldn't be surprised if some board members had "some accidents" to dethrone them. Also, moreover if they do grasp increasing power in national affairs since all our "leaders" in the West have been selling us out for a long time... what the fuck are they controlling? A bankrupt, non-productive, culturally unrecognizable mess of anarchy and soulless area. Well that sounds like we've become the USSR & more than likely if you're on this forum you're smart enough to make a life for yourself & your family elsewhere.

& as the saying on this forum goes....

"Just Use Monero"

Sorry for wasting 3 mins of your time ranting


Fkn sickening...

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