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MyMonero Wallet Cleaned Out

Backstory: started mining for the lols in ~2017 and created a wallet through MyMonero when I had free power through work. Didn't locally store a copy of the mnemonic; took a screenshot and sent it to myself among hundreds of other photos with no mention of where it came from.

Mined on and off for a couple of years through SupportXMR, never logged back into the wallet to check but used the info off the pool to see how much I'd been paid out - about 1.2 Monero.

Never had an app, never had any sort of phishing attempts that I know of, have always had AV running.

Just updated my PC and decided to track down the info, and after a bunch of digging I was able to find the phrase to log in - imagine to my surprise when I find out the entirety of my account was cleared out in June last year.

Now, could the info have been phished from one image among hundreds almost three years after I sent it to myself? Absolutely. Do I think it's likely? Probably not.

Lots of reports of MyMonero wallets being cleaned out, and a lot of blame being thrown at the user which in a bunch of circumstances I think is probably correct. With that being said, it seems like there's some security issues at their end that I haven't seen much from them about.

I'm not expecting to get the money back and I haven't 'lost' anything, but I'm a bit salty that I'm down ~$500USD.

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