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Had Monero, got out, Getting Back in....

So, im a Bitcoin first type of dude...since 2017. Always will be as its done me well and i rolled my Monero at a peak into BTC.

However, ive always loved the Mastery of Moneros privacy....because BTC is is in ZERO way, private.

It was designed as such.

That being said i see this :

And this was already while knowing about this a while ago :

As someone who loves his country (The USA), NOT the trump, cult style love, but I do want my country to flourish but....the IRS CLEARLY has an agenda here.

F@ck that.

I do and always have liked this community.

I dont always agree with whats said here, but generally, I respect Monero and glad that its available as an option to buy and its goals.

This just motivated me to get back into Monero...and stay there as a lifetime hold along with the other two in my portfolio.

Sure, its a wallet but it shows CLEARLY, that the IRS is controlling, greedy and insane....probably our government too...

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