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Bank transfers on LocalMonero

Is paying for Monero by bank transfer on LocalMonero safe with regards to privacy? All exchanges occur under Tails in Tor however I'm aware the bank keeps tabs on all transactions anyway.

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If local Monero accepted bank transfers. That would be the end of local Monero.

They'd get regulated into the dirt.

Then we'd be making T-shirts of Alex pinned to the ground saying, "I can't breathe".

Lets not put Alex through that


Being lazy is what gets criminals caught. Why would you want to pay the uptick of using localmonero and not have all the privacy that it affords by doing it with a cash only transaction. Anything that involves a bank will leave a paper/digital trail and the government will find it.

If the IRS ever audit you and they find that bank transfer you will be singing like a canary as they access all the capital gains taxes associated with it.

If you're going to get a bank involved there's a lot cheaper ways to get monero. Don't be lazy.


Yes you are just doing a person to person transfer like when you buy a car or pay for a service


If you use a trader that has a lot of feedback, it is quite likely that the banks will learn that they are a crypto trader, which may or may not have consequences in future.

If you use a trader with low feedback, you risk being part of illegal activity or being scammed.

So it is not ideal. However I have still done it before because I was desperate. And people in good legal jurisdictions, or who pay their taxes properly, may have no risk with having their bank know that they did a localmonero transaction. That means it may be safer for your privacy compared to sending your KYC documents to exchanges etc, as they may be hacked one day.

All this applies the same to bitcoin exchanges like localcryptos as well of course

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