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XMR accepted at our High-End Artisan Perfumery and Fine Arts store.

Our shop at has successfully transitioned from FIAT to exclusively accepting payments in Crypto.

All sales made with XMR,WOW,ARRR or HIVE receive a 15% Discount.

About our Products: Be transported back into a mystical era, to experience the wonders found in the markets of ancient civilizations at the peak of their Golden Ages. Artisan crafted Perfumes without artificial synthetics but made with the traditional natural ingredients that have been used since time immemorial.

Namely precious Essential Oils sourced from rare small-batch distilleries, Flower Absolutes that were laboriously made using thousands of handpicked petals & a wide variety of tinctures we macerate ourselves from raw ingredients such as precious frankincense resin, myrrh, benzoin, labdanum , spices and all other kinds of herbs and flowers.

These were the priceless ingredients that were worn by ancient Kings & Queens, sacred substances vital to bless the holiest temples, used as powerful medicine, precious incense & luxurious transcending perfumes.

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