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Telecom Argentina hit by $7.5m Monero ransomware attack
Telecom Argentina hit by $7.5m Monero ransomware attack - Decrypt
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Let's fucking goooooo! Monero usage be being more Monero usage! B) B) B) )B))B))B) B))SRP)O9rdgve


John McAfee was right when he said criminals are always the first to use any new technology. Such is the case now with Monero. If these guys are successful in getting their ransom, we are going to hear cries to get rid of Monero like we have never heard before.

But what really needs to be gotten rid of is the internet protocol we have that is so full of possible exploits they will never end. Governments have absolutely no interest in changing it, or developing a new one. I wonder why?

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