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Say monero sees wide spread adoption.

Whats your craziest prediction about the impact it will have on society?

I think it will corrupt police significantly, think about Carl Force, an agent who thought bitcoin was untraceable and tried to steal a bunch from silkroad.

With Monero, this will happen more often. It will also make tax evasion easier and make it so smaller companies far more competitive then large companies in certain industries: such as a small homestead selling organic, free range, tax-free eggs collected by migrant paid under the table workers vs Mega-Egg which cannot conceal their actions as well, or their workers income.

I think Monero may act as some sort of "rot" to the modern industrial society, creating an environment that favors small decentralizated communities that work together.

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Government wont let it happen. They will say your a terrorist if you use such a thing soon watch


they can stop adoption to business but people can still use it. They cant stop that


Crimalized money is like swearing: you don't do it with strangers, but amongst friends and family.


yea but you cant spend it at any store so its not money when its criminalized. Thats a good quote though I will steal that ! :):)


You can buy drugs with it, pay people under the table, buy cash, gift cards to the stores, etc Pretty sure it could infiltrate a good portion of society IFF it is truly useful. Imagine a cashless society where every transaction is traced by LEOs... I'd be fucking ecstatic to be paid in illegal secret money.


I think Monero may act as some sort of "rot" to the modern industrial society, creating an environment that favors small decentralizated communities that work together.

Thats an interesting theme. Perhaps the big businesses would hurt the most. Or would it make it more universally payable on a global scale?


Many big businesses have tariffs and various protectionism going on, so its very complicated to say.


Thats a big if, most people are idiots and getting them to switch would be tough. I think the federal Reserve will win the battle with cryptocurrency personally. I see monero as too good for society. Things that are too good in society dont usually make it they die like Jesus.


tipvote usually dead at night most people American me thinks


Site is new. It launched technically 2 weeks ago? I got invited to beta. I think very few Europeans/Asians


Its not about intelligence, the issue is it needs to benefit people: not be powered by some ideological stuff.

IFF monero takes hold and allows people to interact without the fear of needing a CPA. Or paying a total of like 40% of their income in various forms of tax, they would install an android wallet.

The hard part is figuring out a critical mass: drugs are a great option, they link to other parts of society and such services who cater to those users, might adopt it and find their own benefits. I.e glass pipe makers, hydroponic ans grow light supply companies, etc


Social media so widespread I think adoption will come when social media turns the tide. People will probably own the stores on facebook and everything shipped.


Mind Right, Money Right, Read4WAR!!


Thats a good question.


Monero will prevail.

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