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Lightning PSA: Switch to a 64-bit OS ASAP! I learned the hard way.

RPi users especially beware! On a 32-bit OS, bad things happen as your channels db swells close to 1gb.

Switch soon so you don't find yourself up Chocolate Creek without a popsicle stick.

Raspbian and all other 32-bit OSes are affected. I managed to recover Cornelius from this disaster, but don't let it happen to you!

More information like this at r/TheLightningNetwork

EDIT: This bug report is also informative

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Hmm, probably good advice, but c-lightning should handle 32 bit just fine (I say should, because there are definitely fewer users running that configuration!)


Did we agree Lightning 1.7 to be released in a few days resolves this issue and the 32 to 64-bit is not required.


Why were you running outdated OS? 64bit has been around for ages.


Is the database size larger than about 950 MB? If you are on a 32bit system (which most Raspberry Pis are), that limits the DB size. You might need to run database compaction. Try running chantools compactdb. If that results in the same error, you need to copy the DB to another host (64bit machine) and run the command there, then copy the DB back. This is a bit risky though so feel free to contact me on Slack if you're not sure what to do exactly.

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