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JPMorgan To Give Its Clients Access to Crypto Funds
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"I will fire any employees not buying Bitcoin" - Jamie Dimon 2021


I feel like the corporate and state adoption of Bitcoin was inevitable. If they don't accept it, they will be forgotten. If they do accept it, it accelerates the outcome of the former. I don't think cheering for and supporting these entities helps the cause in any way though.They are forced to adopt on their own and are doing it regardless. This isn't our first rodeo and we all know what happens when large players get involved here and stick their neck out on the code level. Many of them are already publicly discussing it out in the open. Same story of wanting to centralize and control it.


In 2017, JPMorgan's CEO, Jamie Dimon said that he would fire any employees that traded cryptocurrency. He even said that cryptocurrency was "worse than tulip bulbs" and that "It won’t end well. Someone is going to get killed."

In Banks you can put your trust. The are always there for you?

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