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--------------T I P V O T E-----C O M M U N I T Y-----1 B T C -----G I V E A W A Y-------------- lets make a gamble guys !!!! Todays date is 10.14.2020 If this posts bitcoin tips reaches 1 complete bitcoin, i will make a giveaway and give 0.9 bitcoin to 9 lucky people who commented on this post. Why am i giving not the entire tip ? because if this works i wanna reward myself with the same amount who wins the giveaway, PLUS i count myself luck too xd. I will make the giveaway on livestream as you wished. It can be on twitch, instagram or other streaming platforms just leave it on comments

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Give me your tips!!!!!!!


no one has tipped :( it seems like no giveaway we will make


Great ! The future of Social me is BITCOIN. TIPVOTE is first Media Savior 📱💻💰💵🖎👌💯



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