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[OC] Characters ranked by the percentage of English dictionary words they appear in
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Thank you for your Original Content, /u/sataky!
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Someone show this to the dude who keeps tryna trade me q in Scrabble. Except for that time I chickened out of playing "queef" I never needed that shit enough to trade for


DATA: Wolfram Language (WL)

WordList[] - function in the WL representing dictionary with about 40K frequently used English words.


Wolfram Language (WL)

Tweet-a-Program Twitter bot


  • I used Twitter bot from Tweet-a-Program project. One can tweet WL code at it and it will respond with the result of executing that code.
  • Limit of a tweet code is standard 280 characters minus handle @wolframtap.
  • Tweet-a-Program bot returns code result and also code itself. Because it is so short it is easy to read what it does and the steps of data processing and creating visualization.
  • Percentages do not add up to 100%, because many characters can be used in the same words.
  • There are also symbols dash - and apostrophe '.
  • I suspect these percentages will be almost independent from dictionary size. Even if we go to larger-size dictionaries including more of less-frequent words this plot probably will not change much. There are about 170K words in English language. If you think otherwise - let me know in the comments.
  • These percentages are different from well known Letter Frequencies in a written language:\_frequency

For about 40 seconds, I was like "Characters in WHAT?" thinking it was about a play or story ... smh, it's early.


J being the lowest was surprising

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