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[OC] Weight Loss Journey using Intermittent Fasting
r/dataisbeautiful - [OC] Weight Loss Journey using Intermittent Fasting
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This tells people nothing without the calorie count, nutrient proportions and levels of activity. I lost 200lb in a year and it was simply consistent calorific deficit where energy in< energy out. If being intermittent means less in than out then you get the same result. Edit. I was a very fit individual. Then did nothing for 12 years. Ballooned to 400+ lbs. (175kg). At the end of just one year I weighed 110kg but had regained 25kg of muscle. 12% bfat. Exercised 45mins 4 x a week in gym. Dropped sugars a lot and had weekly days where I ate whatever I wanted. The first month I lost 35lb, each month I lost less and for the last 3 months I only lost 5lbs or so. (Each month). I simply set a calorie limit i stuck to, and stopped eating donuts, chocolate milk, soft drink, alcohol. I think the fact I had been a unit before helped a lot as the muscle returned quickly and probably burnt a lot of energy.


That's 113 kg to 97 kg for anyone else wondering


Thank you for sharing this. I did some research on fasting and never knew how or where to begin?


This graph would be 100% times better if it weren't animated.


Looks like my stock portfolio.


It’s weird how different diets work better for different people. I did IF and counted calories and didn’t lose hardly any weight in 30 days.

I have been doing Keto for the last 5 weeks and have lost 25 lbs so far.

I have friends that it worked the opposite way as well.

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