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[OC] Full-Time Australian Occupation Salaries 2020
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Software engineer is under represented. I'm on 130k and there are plenty of jobs offering higher.


Being Prime Minister must be great. The current one doesn't do anything and gets half a million dollars a year for it.


Why is the prime minister so overpaid?


As an American looking at this, I’m inclined to say - Looks fine

That is all


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I would just like to call attention to the overcompensated civil servants known as vice chancellors. They make much more than the prime minister, such as Sandra Harding, who makes more than 900,000 dollarydoos and climbing.

I paid my HECS debt but hated her expensive salary, especially because JCU is a public university. Because she has struck oil with Singaporean students, her salary is supposedly justified.


I'm guessing the train drivers are unionised!

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