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New Ad Campaign Goes After Sen. Ron Johnson for Minimizing Capitol Riot
New Ad Campaign Goes After Sen. Ron Johnson for Minimizing Capitol Riot
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The ad campaign needs to attack not just his minimizing the Capitol riot but all his other BS comments about COVID 19 and everything else he's shown a propensity for not understanding or providing a total nonsensical response that is absolutely wrong. The best thing the people of the state of Wisconsin could do for themselves is send this imbecile home and put someone who will put their needs first as well as the countries!


Ok, this guy looks like the same Nazi in any war film ever made. He also backs it up with his words and actions.

  • The ad also attacks Johnson for failing to protect voting rights.

“You are more committed to the lie and rigging the system to retain power than you are to protecting Wisconsinites,”

  • the ad said as it showed Johnson calling the Capitol riot a “peaceful protest” juxtaposed with rioters breaking glass as they tried to attack evacuating lawmakers.

The ad has more ✊ and it's leading the proper way more than Sen. Ron Johnson is in this picture here.


Fuck Ron Johnson.


It will be a proverbial cold day in hell before any Republican puts country over party.


Excellent, I’m glad that they’re already pumping these commercials out way ahead of next fall. They may not swing anyone on the right, but they will definitely swing some moderates and independents. Have some hope, people.

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