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Asked About Fox News, Surgeon General Says Misinformation Contributes to ‘Lives Lost’
Asked About Fox News, Surgeon General Says Misinformation Contributes to ‘Lives Lost’
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He's not wrong.


The spread of misinformation is literally killing people and must be stopped. This is not a free speech issue, as so many bad actors want to contend, this is a public health and safety issue.

The people spreading this misinformation are not just giving an "alternative view", many of the purveyors of it are directly profiting from it. And belong in prison.


Social media companies do need to be better regulated.


Fox News, like Trump & his republican ass-kissers, spew disinformation. There is intent to voluntarily mislead people, to cause chaos and division, which makes it different from relaying misinformation, which may be someone repeating bad information unknowingly. Fox, OAN, Newsmax, republican Trump sycophants, and moronic followers, are trying to destroy our country with infighting. Disinformation: Intent to stir up hate among Americans. Putin's biggest power move.


Let’s get this straight, Fox News is pushing disinformation, which means they know it’s a lie and they have mal intent. Misinformation is the accidental spreading of false info with no mal intent. Fox is all evil and wants Americans to die for profit and they have found a way to weaponize information that nations such as China and Russia hope to achieve.


Legit question - what do the conservatives gain by lying to their flock about the COVID vaccine and moreover spreading COVID disinformation? You’d think they’d want their voters / constituencies, uh, not dead to keep them in power, no?


Should be a mandated surgeon General's warning on all fox broadcasts


Why aren't they sued on the daily? They're an actual abomination to the exchange of accurate information. To the point they're rooting for a virus in a pandemic.

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