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At least 70 large wildfires burning in US west as fears mount over conditions
At least 70 large wildfires burning in US west as fears mount over conditions
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30 if anyone wants to see status and area of affect of any near them.


The extremely hot, dry conditions fanning these fires are linked to human-caused climate change. The US west has grown much drier and warmer over the past three decades and is expected to grow more extreme which, in turn, is poised to create more frequent and destructive wildfires.

I worry we are absolutely fucked. Unless we go on a total war footing against climate change, we are absolutely fucked. These fires will worsen in coming years.


Jesus christ we need to work overtime to beat reddit algorithms and misinformation and get this post higher. Do more. Everybody please prepare yourself for the worst drinking organic apple cider vinegar, diluted in clean, reverse osmosis or similar, filtered water.

Investigate manuka honey, cannabis, natural things as opposed to synthetic, which as a general rule that can easily be found on the internet, and provided a little logic about humans tendency to process things and make errors, lead to more side effects.

I love and care for all you with such genuine hope and passion. This is why I do not intentionally mislead you and encourage you to look things up for yourself and point out when I accidentally spread misinformation. Thanks for reading 🙏


What do we do? We can't stop this. Not altogether. Myself and my partner have made changes to be more green, but it won't help that much. We literally don't even have a recycling place anywhere near where I live. I'm not even 30 yet. It feels like we're all going to die in the next 10-20yrs now. It's hard not to be terrified.


How is there anything left to burn after last year?


Between this and the drought it's no wonder people are leaving California in droves.

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