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Alaska Supreme Court says recall campaign to oust governor can proceed
Alaska Supreme Court says recall campaign to oust governor can proceed
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Its not all about the PFD. Really nobody cares anymore about it.

Its the fact that he is corrupt to shit is what pisses everybody off. Bristol Bay has the largest salmon run in existence. Record returns, record harvests, and record inriver escapement. This industry supports thousands of small businesses and tens of thousands of jobs. This is probably what you are buying when you buy wild salmon at a grocery store.

Yet heres this guy forcing the pebble mine on the state when a large majority of the people have a negative opinion on it. Appointing pebble advocates to the board of fish and even calling out Trump to try to open it. Says a lot when both Trump and Biden oppose the opening of the mine. Even manipulating the stock Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK) by spewing positive information every time the stock plunges so it goes back up.

You can’t eat gold.


The governor's foes argue that he deserves to be recalled because he is unfit and has abused his power. Among grounds cited by recall supporters, Duleavy is accused of illegally using his budget veto to punish judges for abortion-rights rulings and violating ethics laws by using state funds for partisan campaign purposes.

Whether Dunleavy's detractors have made their case that his alleged shortcomings - that he is incompetent and corrupt - justify his removal from office is up to the voters, the court said.



-the the rest of the county


LOL Republicans pretend they're against the government giving out money until they are the ones that stop getting paid.


One of the worst things to happen to Alaska since Don Young and Lisa Mirkowski.

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