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[Funding Required] Continued Feather Wallet development (Q1 2021)
CCS - Continued Feather Wallet development (Q1 2021)
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These ideas are excellent. I want to support this, but preferably with a credit card payment. Can't someone set up a gofundme or something like that?


Lightweight multisig monero wallet would be good news.


Excellent wallet, will surely donate.

Should replace current gui-wallet asap after its stable, so devs can consolidate all work on this.


I love the wallet and I would also prefer it over the GUI wallet when it gets some more features! I love the ElectrumWallet-like design and the and TOR implementation is GREAT!!!!!!!! I donated some now and I hope many poeple can get some of there laying around moneros and donate so Projects like FeatherWallet/xmrguide are kept alive. Monero isnt only a coin its a constant war against censorship and goverments that are sickend by poeple they cant control! Contribute to stuff that really matters and help the community grow!

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