Tipvote stands for freedom of speech.

Simple Rules for posting. Be Civil. Be Bold.

Last Updated: 09/29/2020

1. Do not break any US Laws.

These may include but are not limited too. Copyrighted material, child pornography, drug sales, etc. Do not post anything that is illegal to publish in the United States.

2. Do not harass others.

Harrassment of any tipvote user will result in a ban. Calls of violence to any member or person not on tipvote will not be tolerated.

3. Do Not threaten Tipvote.

Threats of DDOS, publishing private data, threats against mods, or slander will not be tolerated.

4. Do not incite violence.

Efforts to raise violence against an individual, group, or organization is against our rules. Keep it civil and verbal only.

5. Do not Spam.

Spamming Tipvote includes unnecessary posting in attempts to harm Tipvote. Constant reposting of other's materials in attempts to claim it as your own will result in a ban. Large reporting of

5. Do not beg for coin.

Tipvote is a community that rewards posters for content. Begging is not considered a form of content and will be resulted with a deletion of post.
All of these rules are interpreted by Tipvote and its mods to the best of our abilities.