Tipvotes Roadmap
We are a new project that is undergoing rapid development. We lack a bit of features compared to huge sites with 10000 developers working on it. These features below will be addressed by priority and how crucial. Feel free to post with a mention of @anekdotin any new features you would like to see added.

Last Updated : 05/06/21
Major Enhancements
  • Move to a vue UI for the frontend
  • Add an IOS app
  • Add an Android app
  • Add a dynamic way to switch posts between cards and forums style display 10/28/2020
  • Add in a title system to provide better SEO and post categorization 10/28/2020
  • Instead of recent tippers, show top tippers of the week
  • Display how much a person has given or recieved in tips(only visible by user)05/06/21
  • Give badges to people who tip or some visible reward
  • Give badges to early adopters of the site
  • Also show a users address rather than tipvote05/06/21
  • Use Modals for tips rather than new pages
  • Add a slider bar for amount
  • Show in users currency how much the tip is
  • Easier way to integrate new currencies
  • Add a new major currency into site
  • Add 2fa with email
  • Add 2fa with pgp
  • List PGP Keys publicaly05/06/21
  • Notification should include comments text
  • notifications messages should direct to specific message
  • Add improved stats to notifications like tip amounts
  • Increase coins amount higher in levels 10/29/2020
  • Add more rewards05/06/21
  • Implement a reward system04/08/2021