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Add update
Update 1.0
Inital Open Source Release
Update 1.1
Voting without redirect
Update 1.1.1
Added update Page
Update 1.1.2
Leveling system improvements
Update 1.1.3
Rule system added
Update 1.1.4
Fixed comment viewing issue
Update 1.1.5
Monero Tipping LIVE
Update 1.1.6
Better notifications
Update 1.2.0
Comments critical flaw discovered and fixed
Update 1.1.7
Added rooms to /rooms. Better login process. Improved discovery of rooms.
Update 1.1.8
Fixed dropdowns
Update 1.1.9
Added taggin uysernames/rooms
Update 1.2.0
Buttons and layout improvements

1.2.0 - Buttons and layout improvements

2020-10-18 17:31:08.709527

Github Commit: https://github.com/tipvote/tipvote_webapp/releases/tag/v1.2.0

A number of changes were done to the layout of the site.

  • We brought 15 query pages down to about 5.
  • This will allow for better exposure to all rooms, and information. If a person wasnt subscribed to all rooms it could seem dead for users.

    • Removed buttons from header and simplified headers.